Tryout List, U15 BB (Black), 2023-24, REP (Caledon Minor Hockey Association)

This Team is part of the 2023-24 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
 I want to thank everyone that came out. It made my decisions extremely difficult, which is the way it should be. All the kids are developing. 
 My apologies on the delay. We had to have a meeting this morning to determine if there would be two teams. Then figure out the online team postings, with codes and names. So both teams are posted below. 
I appreciate all the patience.
Coach Doug
Team 131992Selected
Team 131993Selected
Team 232203Selected
Team 132204Selected
Team 232205Selected
Team 232206Selected
Team 232207Selected
Team 232208Selected
Team 232209Selected
Team 232210Selected
Team 232211Selected
Team 132212Selected
Team 132213Selected
Team 132214Selected
Team 232215Selected
Team 232216Selected
Team 132217Selected
Team 232218Selected
Team 232219Selected
Team 232220Selected
Team 132221Selected
Team 232222Selected
Team 132224Selected
Team 132225Selected
Team 132226Selected
Team 132227Selected
Team 132228Selected
Team 132229Selected
Team 132230Selected
Team 132231Selected
Team 232232Selected
Team 132233Selected
Team 232242Selected
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