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To: Caledon Minor Hockey Association membership,


The Open Tryout process will continue for the 2019-20 season with no significant changes compared to last season.


The Caledon Minor Hockey Association (CMHA) stands behind the philosophy that players begin tryouts at the highest level of competition.  One of the primary objectives of the CMHA is to encourage players to compete at the appropriate level of competition to maximize their development both as players and as individuals.  Meeting this objective will enable the association and its members to put forth competitive teams and fulfill level of play requirements in accordance with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association guidelines which require a ‘AA’ team to be rostered in all age divisions.


The Open Tryout process:

  • Players have the option to try out for any REP or MD team they choose within their age division,
  • If a player begins a tryout, they must follow through until the tryout is complete. They cannot quit and then attend a lower level Rep/MD tryout after the tryout has started. If a player leaves a tryout without a release then the player's only option is to play House League.
  • If a player is released from a Rep tryout, they have the option of which tryout they want to go to next. Example, player tries out for AA, he is released, he can then decide to go to either A or AE, MD or House League.  


Players must attend all of the tryout sessions for the team they wish to play for. Absences for extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, injury, etc.) can be permitted at the discretion of the coach. Check with the relevant coach if you are not sure about what is acceptable.


A player may not request a release from tryouts until the team’s first tryout with releases.  For example, if the Coach is not releasing any players until the 3rd tryout then you must attend all tryouts until then.  A request is not automatically granted as it is the coach's decision if the player has an opportunity to make the team - in which case the player is to continue with tryouts.


Regarding under age players that wish to tryout for older age teams – this is permitted for both ‘AA’ and ‘A’ levels only.  The criteria set forth for an under-age player to be approved as an acceptable choice to play up in age is as follows: 1. the player needs to be judged by the coach and the VP Rep of Caledon Minor Hockey to be the #1 player on the ice, and 2. the coach needs to select the player as his 16th skater for the team; or in the case of a goalie as his 2nd goalie. In the case of goalies, the goalie must be the #1 goalie at tryouts (as judged by the coach and the VP Rep) and the coach must ensure that both goalies selected share evenly in all games played in regular season, exhibition, tournaments and in playoffs.


We are hoping this increases numbers at Representative & Minor Development tryouts and allows our membership the choice to participate in the programs they wish.



CMHA Executive

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